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    A favorable Outcome
    To Heal And Cure Other Is A God Given Job To Me.
My Services

Cancer Healing

Cancer is the result of significant physical blockage , emotional blockage and mental blockage. Anyone who effected by cancer they need more energy level and vibrations in their cells to heal cancer. I can heal any type of cancer like lung cancer , brain cancer, breast cancer,ovarian cancer,stomach cancer, and liver cancer,

Paranoia and Hallucination Healing

There are so many of us who are impacted by mental illness. Either directly or indirectly. Mental illness is always closely linked with a severed connection with the loss of identity. You have become out of touch with yourself. Paranoia is when you feel like people are constantly out to trick or harm you.

Drug Addiction

I am gifted to heal and cure any type of drug addictions if you or your loved one are suffering from addiction. I can address the sources of addiction, with the intention of releasing , healing and resolving it. When you are addicted to drugs, it takes you from you,controls you,and destroy you. Addiction rips out our soul .

Fortune Telling

Fortune telling : I’ve seer a see all of life and have given prophecies since I was a child. I am blessed with the gifts of clairvoyance,claircognizant,clairaudient and clairsentience. My forte is working within the angelic realm as well as other entities and spirit guide. It is my life’s work to be of service to other who are in need
A Favorable Outcome

I’m Shiva, founder of afavorableoutcome.com. I wanted to share my back story with you and how I started my healing journey and how I became a healer. My mother tells me always that I was always smiling and laughing. But I know I was living with a constant fear.